Residential Lighting

Professionally Installed Lights to Turn Your Home into a Dream

Give your home a makeover that excites your neighbor’s envy.

Light Up Your House, Even As the Sun Goes Down

The night looks beautiful when you have a well lit drive thru and patio. Without it, your house might end up lurking in the shadows. But we won’t let that happen. 

Majestic Light Design vows to turn heads as your neighbors drive by. With the perfect combination of commercial grade equipment and the guidance of our specialists, we help you create unique landscaping designs for your home. Whether it’s your driveway, patio, pool, roof line, a dimly lit area or the complete yard, we have just the right lighting patterns to accentuate any part of the house.

Our professionals combine aesthetics, functionality and security into their designs to fulfill all your requirements. Want to create an elegant outline of your house? Want to light up the fountain and fixtures in your yard? Want to light up the trees near your pool for a romantic setting? Whatever it is that you need, we will deliver!

Choose from a wide array of lighting designs or custom design your own to create an elegant, transitional or modern look for your home.
Make use of our multiple lighting designs and colors to create a comfortable and lively atmosphere around your patio, pool, garden or lawn.
Light up dimly lit pathways and yards, allowing for easy navigation and making your home secured from any unwanted guests.

Majestic Light Design - We Make Your Vision Come to Light

The Majestics Design Lighting team has experts who’ve been trained to set up your residential lightings without any hassle. From safe installation, regular maintenance, and uncomplicated removals, we cover it all.

We offer a wide range of commercial grade lights that will illuminate your house without pulling at your pockets. Our light bulbs and strands are energy efficient, so you can turn on the switches any time you want.

We believe in your vision. Sit with our consultant to discuss your ideas for outdoor lighting. Our professionals will come up with a design that best fits your requirements and fulfills all three aspects of lighting – Aesthetic, Functionality and Security.

Transforming Your Home Has Never Been Easier!

The simple addition of lights, designed to accentuate the structure of your house is enough to give it character. Are you ready for that transformation?

Why Choose Majestic Light Design?

With 10+ years of experience, our team of specialists bring you exquisite lighting designs to add character to your house while also being budget friendly.

Hassle Free Installation

Our specialists are trained to avoid any mishaps and get the installations in place in no time. An initial consultation will provide them with a detailed idea of what you’re looking for.

Easy Maintenance

Our engineers will be on site on your first call to take care of any maintenance issues. We also provide annual maintenance services to ensure that your house stays lit up all year round.

Bespoke Designs

All our lighting designs are customized to satisfy our clients. Rather than depending on redundant designs, we visit your site and consult with you before deciding on a style that best suits your needs.

Free Consultation

Before you commit to anything, you can consult our specialists for a more elaborate explanation. They’ll visit your site and provide you with a free estimate, without any obligations.

Holiday and Event Lighting for Homes

Got a special day coming up? Or is it the season of festivities? Whatever it is, we can help you light up your home for the event. 

Majestic Light Design specializes in Christmas and event lighting that best suits the occasion. Whether you want to decorate your poolside for your anniversary or light up your whole front yard for the jingle season, we’ve got you covered.

Since you won’t need these lights once the season or occasion is over, we’ll handle taking down all the lights, storing them at our facility and maintaining them for use next season. You can also choose to rent our lights for a once in a lifetime event.

A Dream Team That Never Disappoints

10+ years in the industry and we’re still thriving. And it’s all by virtue of our team. Driven by their passion and morals, our team has completed hundreds of successful projects so far. This is what drives us:


Our passion for landscape lighting design is unparalleled, which is apparent by our remarkable designs and happy customers.


You will never find a more innovative landscape lighting design company anywhere. Almost anything you can imagine, we are able to accomplish!


The exceptional quality of our designs is unrivaled anywhere in the USA. We employ the most modern technological advances and talent to obtain the most sensational landscape lighting around.


With years of skill-set and expertise, our insight into the world of landscape design is matchless.


Our philosophy is to obtain the absolute best in landscape design, turning your dreams into reality.


Our wheels are always turning. We are continuously thinking of brand-new methods to create your dream landscape designs.

What Our Customers Have to Say?

I just had new furniture installed around my pool and I wanted to light up that area. You guys really did a fantastic job. The placement and colors complement the furniture perfectly.
Such a clean job and within no time. Pretty happy with how my house looks right now. Thanks guys!

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