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Designing Classical Outdoor Lighting for 15 Years in Texas

Our Clients say:  “This is the best money I have spent all year!”

Watch some of our customer interviews and hear from our designers themselves. 


Our clients say the money they invested in their lighting systems has been the BEST money they invested in their homes. 

We have been hand designing and hand installing outdoor lighting in Texas Soil for over 15 years and our founder Joshua Crampton has been designing lighting systems since he was 19. 

Our company was created in 2009.  Jose our install manager is still with us today. Now his son Julio helps to run install crews alongside him. We are a true family company raised in the red dirt of Texas soil. 

You will be happy and proud you hired Majestic Lighting Design to illuminate your home and properties. 
Landscape Lighting Company Texas

All Work Performed By Hand – Same Installation Crew Since 2009

Craftsmanship is where we shine! Since 2009 we have worked with Jose Aguilera as our Install Manager and today his son now works with our crews. 

After 15 years experience providing maintenance on systems we have seen and learned what lasts and what fails from an engineering perspective. “You get what you pay for!” Rings TRUE when your purchasing outdoor lighting. 

Hire the wrong company and you will have a maintenance nightmare and be paying to replace the whole system in 2-5 years. This is directly from experience. We use SOLID BRASS fixtures and hand trench each line into the ground at least 6 inches beneith the soil or mulch. 

Its important to cross under sidewalks and driveways instead of be cheap and install power boxes on each side of the house. Hire the wrong company and you will end up with multiple power boxes around your property because they were untrained or unwilling to actually tunnel under your sidewalks and driveways. 

Take a look at some of our BEFORE, DURING & AFTER videos to see how we hand install every aspect of your system. 

Our past clients from 10+ years ago will agree that we know what we are doing and why. 

Outdoor Lighting installation in Texas

Lighting Services:

We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting services in Texas and its surrounding areas.

Landscape Lighting

Your landscape is incomplete and featureless without a proper lighting system. Add a hint of aesthetic beauty by highlighting the best features of your property.

Holiday Lighting

Your patios, pools, and home exteriors definitely deserve a new lighting system – One that appeals to you and adds value to the spirit of holidays.

Commercial Lighting

Your business represents your brand and you. So, why settle for boring outdoor lighting setups? Make them creative, stunning, and majestic for customers and clients throughout Texas.


Watch a few of our client installations in progress with Before, During and AFTER images. 

We take pride in our installations and do all the work by hand. No machines, no trenchers just good old fashion hand digging. There is a reason our quality is the best. 

Our install manager Jose has been hand installing every one of our clients for over 15 years, and now even his son Julio runs crews. You will see the love, the passion and the quality. 

You will be PROUD! 

Who We Are

Joshua Crampton and Jose Aguilar have been working as a team in Texas for over 15 years. 

From designing to installing every aspect of the systems are done by hand. We are your outdoor lighting specialists with over 15 years of experience. Our outdoor lighting experts have helped thousands of customers with their lighting needs. We can do the same for you by installing an exemplary outdoor lighting system.

Majestic Lighting Design is committed to planning, designing, and executing an unforgettable lighting experience. All our outdoor lighting services and solutions are based keeping your needs in mind. You can rest assured that you will only get the best and nothing less. So, if you are looking for something that stands out and adds value to your outdoor space, get in touch with us right away.

Architectural Lighting

Why Choose Us for Outdoor Lighting In Texas

We can help create the lighting ambiance that you desire.
Complete Satisfaction
We aim to put your vision into action. We will not stop at one try, in fact, we will help you build what you desire the most.
Smart Technology
When science meets designs – We work with lighting brands that are technology driven and easy to use.
Industry Experts
We have a team of highly qualified professionals in Texas who understand outdoor lighting systems better than anyone in this market.
Top Designs
Innovation and creativity go hand in hand when we light up your patio, pool, garden, and other outdoor features. Our team explores features and delves deep into ideas that outshine.
We understand your aspirations and desires. Our team will provide outdoor lighting solutions and customize them as per your needs.
Service Guarantee
Our outdoor lighting services come with a solid guarantee package. You also get a year’s maintenance guarantee and 5 years warranty on light bulbs.