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Architectural Landscape Lighting brings your homes, water features, pools, and landscaping to life.
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Landscape Lighting

Have you ever looked at a large home or business and wondered why they looked so put together from the curb?

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes… we all hate them. The way they infest our yards, pester our guests and pets, and buzz in our…

Christmas & Holiday Lighting

We all have that thought every holiday season… “It’s time to put up my lighting AGAIN.” When it comes to…

Our Services

Majestic Lighting Design offers incredible, high quality landscape lighting fixtures that fit your home style and budget. When we work with you, our amazing staff helps your create a balanced lighting flow throughout your property using regular, classic warm white, or multicolored bulbs, depending on the project. We guarantee that you will LOVE your results and you will LOVE your home even more after your landscape lighting project is finished.

Our lighting systems are state-of-the-art and have many convenient features, like automated or remote control on and off controls, low voltage lights (only 10 cents of electricity usage per light per month!), and more.

Majestic Lighting Design is not only specialized in landscape lighting! We also offer mosquito yard control, special event lighting (such as wedding lighting design and party lighting) and Christmas lighting. Our installation team offers professional, quick service for all of our lighting projects, and you’re sure to love the result.
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Beautifully Illuminating Homes Since 2010

We uphold the five-star standard and will always do right by our customers, making your happiness our top priority.

At Majestic Lighting Design, we work for you, our customers are always put first and we are never happy till you are.
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Bringing Landscape Lighting To Life

Architectural Landscape Lighting.

All aspects of lighting design. Services including High end single-family homes, façade, landscape, & silhouette. Architectural illumination for hospitality, corporate, healthcare, houses of worship, parks, recreation, & Christmas lighting.
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Over 10 years, and we absolutely LOVE WHAT WE DO!

Architectural Landscape Design from Majestic Lighting Design will help your home shine like never before!
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Keep your home lighting with Majestic Lighting Design.

We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.

Solid Bronze Fixtures

Our Lighting Packages Come With A guarantee & a year’s maintenance! Plus a 5 year warranty on light bulbs.

Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage lights (10 cents electricity usage per light per month)

Bespoke Lighting Design

Custom Lighting Design For Your Home or Business

Smart Technology

Automated or Remote Control On/ Off Controls

Our Great Features

We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.


Our passion for landscape lighting design is unparalleled, which is apparent by our remarkable designs and happy customers.


You will never find a more innovative landscape lighting design company anywhere in Houston. Almost anything you can imagine, we are able to accomplish!


The exceptional quality of our designs is unrivalled anywhere in the USA. We employ the most modern technological advances and talent to obtain the most sensational landscape lighting around.


With years of skill-set and expertise, our insight into the world of landscape design is matchless.


Our philosophy is to obtain the absolute best in landscape design, turning your dreams into reality.


Our wheels are always turning. We are continuously thinking of brand-new methods to create your dream landscape designs.
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Praise From Our Clients

The Best Light Design Company

"Take it from me - when you call Majestic Lighting design in Spring, Texas, they take your lighting project seriously. I love that they work exclusively with luxury homes and businesses"
Michael Johnson

Awesome Lighting For My Yard

"Majestic Lighting Design is a top-notch landscape lighting company in Spring, Texas. I wouldn't trust anyone else in the area to tackle your home yard lighting project!"
Robert Tedrow

We highly recommend Majestic Lighting

"They were beyond professional and did what they said they would do and had excellent customer service. We interviewed over six different firms and even though they were not the cheapest they made us feel like they were the most knowledgeable at what they provided."
Cyndi Parks

Majestic Lighting did one hell of a job

"From the sample setup to see what your possibilities could be to full on installation, we could not of been happier with the turn out. Our house lights up so bright when you drive down our street and makes everything feel so GRAND!

We even added up down lighting in our backyard which gives a very remote setting to sit on our porch in the evening."
Dustin Rowe

They did a good job on our home

"These guys are really great. The light fixtures they installed seem really high quality. Completely worth the money for sure."
Jim Bennon

Beautiful lighting. Fantastic service.

"You really can’t ask for more from a landscape lighting company. Majestic Lighting Design in Spring, Texas really has it all, and you’ll really thank yourself later if you hire these guys. Thank you so much! Majestic Lighting Design"
Dr. Martin EWest

Beautiful Designs. Reliable Service. We Are Majestic Lighting Design!

Call Majestic Lighting Design today!
Our attentive staff is excited to take your home or business to the next level with quality, beautiful landscape lighting that will last for many years to come. We love our customers, and our customers LOVE our work, too! We promise that you’ll love the look and feel of your home after your project is finished.

*Our projects require a $4,000 minimum.
Contact one of our fantastic team members to get your estimate today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the warranties on your landscape lighting systems?
We offer 5 YEAR WARRANTIES on our LED bulbs & solid bronze fixtures. Our transformers still have a lifetime warranty. All of our systems fully installed have true lifetime warranties from top to bottom. The warranties are transferable to the new homeowners IF you ever move or sell your home. We provide annual maintenances once a year to protect and maintain this warranty to all of our clients. The once year maintenance on average is simply $250. It comes with full maintenance of your lighting system during which we fix and replace anything that is going bad or already bad. This allows you to get maintenance automatically on your outdoor lighting system once a year and have a lifetime landscape lighting warranty.
What is your sales process for landscape lighting & Christmas lighting?
We start with an easy and free consultation. During the consultation which takes around 45 mins - 1 hour, we will design and bid out the lighting design.
On Average how much do your landscape lighting systems cost fully installed?
An average residential lighting project consists of 10-15 lights in the front and 10-15 lights in the back. Our fully installed lighting systems cost est. of $350 a light fully installed with lifetime landscape lighting warranties. Typically we see a project like this installed for around $30,000 - $80,000 with variations.
How long does it take to install landscape lighting?
We will typically finish any install in 1 day consisting of 50 lights or less. When we install more than 50 lights the installation can take 1-2 days. We are in and out of installation quickly and cleanly.
Do you do all the digging by hand?
YES. We hand ditch and dig every trench and do not tear up your yard with machinery. If we are tunneling under a driveway to run pipe for wiring. We run the pipe by hand and water pressure.
How long have you been in business?
We opened up in Houston Texas in 2009. Opened up San Antonio in 2014. In 2020 we opened up Atlanta, Dallas, Austin & Miami locations.
What is your philosophy on quality and business?
We believe in purchasing the highest quality products in the world. Why not? If you are going to invest in something. Whether it be a home, or a car, a watch, a vacation or landscape lighting. You pay the extra money to get the highest QUALITY. Would you rather pay $500 for a dress shirt that lasts a lifetime, or $120 for one from Macy’s that lasts 8 months before it fades. We believe the same about landscape lighting. Install the highest quality products in the world so there is very little maintenance, then provide a true lifetime warranty so clients NEVER have to buy lighting ever again or pay to replace it.
Do your do commercial outdoor lighting?
Yes. We provide outdoor lighting and Christmas lighting services to HOA’s, local businesses, storefronts & more…

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Here’s some examples of our beautiful Landscape Lighting Designs in Houston.
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