Professional Landscape Lighting

Professionally Designed Landscape Lighting

For nightscapes that take your breath away.

Amplify the Beauty of Your Outdoors With Majestic Landscape Lighting

The magnificence of the Eiffel Tower is 10 times more appealing at night than during the day. And we have hundreds of lights built in the iron structure to thank for that. Similarly, you can make a beautiful spectacle of your home or commercial space with the right balance of light and shadows. Majestic Light Design can help you with that.

Every patio, crevice, fountain, tree and distinct focal points in your outdoor space can be enhanced to look beautiful and majestic. Our job is to bring the right minds together and present you a creative way to light up your outdoors. We can promise that your outdoors will look better than what you can imagine.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality With Our Expertise

If you own a building, you must have a vision of how you wish for it to look like. We are here to execute your vision with proper planning. By choosing us, you get a beautiful landscape that lasts forever.

Team of Experts

Our tight knit team consists of passionate lighting experts who have dedicated themselves to this field for more than 10 years. Our experience helps us bring the best solutions to the table so you get what you desire.

Free Estimate

You don’t have to commit to anything immediately. Have a free consultation with our team and give in your ideas. We will evaluate your property and consider your ideas and requirements to give you the best estimate.

Lifetime Warranty

Our fully installed lighting systems come with a lifetime warranty. Our warranty is easily transferable. So, if you are moving or selling your house, you can easily transfer the lifetime warranty to new homeowners.

Annual Maintenance and Repairs

In order to increase the life of your lighting system and maintain the warranty, we offer annual maintenance and repairs. We look into every aspect of the system to ensure there’s no damage.

Custom Designs

Besides our lookbooks, we offer bespoke landscape lighting designs. Every property is different and we try our best to mold our ideas and your vision into something that will give the best possible result for your outdoors.

Christmas and Holiday Lighting

Need something special for the holidays? We got you covered. Just call us and we will help you turn your house or commercial building into a festive space that will shine bright and radiate a welcoming energy.

Ready for New Landscape Lighting? Get Started Now. Request a Free Consultation.

No sales gimmicks. No delays. No obligation. Contact us and get a free in-house consultation. We will give you the best estimate. You can decide whether to continue with us or not after the consultation.

A Beautiful And Convenient Way To Transform Your Outdoors

A beautiful facade does not have to be a hassle or time consuming task. We make the entire process easy for you. With Majestic Light Design, you don’t just light up your outdoor space but transform it into something that you will always cherish. We make it a point to satisfy your needs and complete our job in the best way possible.

Quick Installation

Thanks to our years of experience, we have the talent to complete our job quickly. Depending on the number of lights, we will complete the installation within 1 to 2 days. So, you don’t have to worry about having strangers run in and out of your house for weeks.

Residential and Commercial Designs

We have the team and equipment to fulfill small as well as big projects. From residential properties to big commercial spaces, Majestic Light Design has the designs for each requirement. Whether it’s a special occasion or a newly built property, we’ll fulfill your landscape lighting needs.

Low Energy Lights With Warranty

Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be heavy on your wallet.. We care about the environment and you which is why we use low energy light bulbs with electricity usage of 10 cents per month, per light. You also get a 5 years warranty on each light we install.

Minimal Damage

Get the best lights without the unnecessary digging. We ensure that there’s minimal damage to your beautifully mowed laws and rose bushes. We hand dig everything and use water pressure to dig tunnels if required. Less machinery means less damage.

Landscape Lighting - It’s More Than Just Aesthetics

It’s one thing to make your property stand out in the neighborhood but it’s another thing to make it a safe space. When designed and installed by a proper team, landscape lighting can be the best way to make your property safe and secure. 

Dark corners of your property become easy hiding locations for unwanted guests. It also increases the chances of you or your family tripping in the dark. With proper lighting at the right corners, you leave no rooms for accidents or hidden dangers. So you get a safe and secure outdoors that’s also visually appealing.

What Our Clients Say

I think I got more than what I was looking for. My home now just looks perfect. I especially love the way they enhanced the stairway in my entrance. Wonderful job.
They made my driveway beautiful! Everyone who has ever come to my home keeps asking about the lighting. The best part of all this is that it doesn’t even take long. They are my go to lighting guys.
Quick and easy I must say. They didn’t take much time to be done with the job. It’s been 6 months now since they installed my lighting and so far, it’s as good as new. Very impressed by their dedication to their job.