Outdoor Lighting Texas

For Captivating Outdoors That Leave a Mark

Enhance the beauty of your home or office with modern outdoor lighting designs.

Outdoor Lighting Services for All Your Needs

Whatever your lighting needs may be, we have the resources to make it possible.

Landscape Lighting

Highlight the focus elements of your home or office landscape with the right lighting system. Choose from a wide range of lighting styles and designs such as spotlights, path lights, lamps, and more.

Holiday Lighting

Fire up the holiday spirit with decorative lighting. Don your residential or commercial space in lights of all shapes, colors, size and style and set the mood for celebration.

Commercial Lighting

We can help you create an elegant, traditional, modern or chic lighting setup for your business building and make it represent your brand’s personality in the perfect way.

Garden Lighting

Let your garden be the source of beauty even at night. Get expertly designed and installed garden lighting and have the perfect space for all your outdoor events and get togethers.

Pool Lighting

Make your pool ready and safe for diving during the day and night. Light up the water with our underwater lights of all shapes, sizes and color and make your pool the perfect spot for quality time with friends and family.

Security Lighting

Give your family, friends and colleagues the assurance of safety with security lighting. Leave no room for accidents and hidden spots for uninvited guests.


Amplify the beauty of your garden by highlighting the trees, fountains, accent wall and other main elements of your landscape.

The Artists Behind Your Alluring Facades

Majestic Light Design is made up of a team of light engineers and professionals who are passionate about design and architecture. They love to play with light and shadows and create designs that livens up any lifeless landscape. 

Continuing with this passion, Majestic Light Design brings you a plethora of lighting installation services that will accentuate any part of your home or office. Our creative minds work according to your vision and requirements and combine it with our expertise to deliver a result that will make it worth your time and money.

Your wish is our command. Whatever you need, whether it’s lighting for an event, holiday or your new home, we are here to help. With thousands of satisfied customers over a span of 10+ years, we can confidently say that we will nail every challenge that you present to us and give you something better than you imagined.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoors? Talk to the Experts for the Best Outdoor Lighting Customized to Your Needs

Majestic Light Design offers a no obligation consultation. You can sign up now or give us a call to talk to our experts. Our free consultation includes property inspection and the expense estimate.

Why Are We the Lighting Experts You Need?

No need to settle for less. We bring the best team and service to the table.

We have the experience

We started back in 2010 and today, have the insights and experience to handle any type of lighting installation project.

we have the technology

We move with time. Whether it’s energy efficient lighting or wireless control, we have the latest technology products up our sleeves.

we have the creativity

You can choose from our store of tried and tested designs or get a personalized one designed for your needs.

we have the passion

We love seeing customers happy with the final result. So, we do not rest until you are completely satisfied with the job.

we have the trust factor

Our lighting systems will not be a liability for you. We give you lifetime warranty on lighting systems, 5 years warranty on light bulbs and offer annual maintenance and repairs.

we have the team

We have dedicated teams for every job. This allows us to complete installation and clean up, if needed, in a timely manner.