Outdoor Lighting installation in Texas

Who We Are

Creating Art With Light for 15+ Years

Majestic Light Design is the result of like minds coming together to turn their passion into something great and memorable. We have always been great appreciators of design and architecture. Our attention was always diverted towards landscapes, homes and buildings that stand out in any neighborhood. However, their beauty is lost at night when there’s nothing to enhance and bring those beautiful structures and works of art to life. This is where we decided to turn our passion into our job and created a team of experts, engineers and professionals who shared the same thought and vision.

This happened 15 years ago. Today, we are happily creating art with light in every home, office and building. Our family of lighting experts has grown and helped us expand our expertise from outdoor lighting to event lighting, pool lighting, mosquito control systems and so much more.

Our Team

We’d like you to meet our very passionate team of lighting experts. This is the team that made it all happen and put Majestic Light Design into motion.


Lead Installer


Landscape Lighting Architect



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