Outdoor Lighting in Illinois

Are you ready to transform your homes and commercial spaces with affordable, elegant and functional lighting designs and fixtures?

Illuminate Your Outdoors with Majestic Light Design

Outdoor lighting is crucial. Whether to add a sense of security to your property, a little bit of character to it or just so your guests don’t pass by your residence on the curb. Whatever the purpose of your outdoor lighting, Majestic Light Design can help you achieve it. 

We employ trained professionals who consult you regarding the vision you hold for your property and then turn it into a reality. All our lighting designs are personalized to complement your home or commercial space perfectly.

Whether you want to get Chritsmas lighting for your home, or moonlighting for your business, we’ve got you covered. Before you make a decision, talk to our consultant who can guide you through the complete process, listen to your creative ideas and suggest the most practical and functional design that fits your budget.

Services We Provide in Illinois

We provide a wide range of lighting and other services all across Illinois. If you live in the state, find us at the nearest location or connect with us online to book a consultation for the following services. 

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate outdoor spaces like gardens, gardens, paths, entryways and more with elegant designs and patterns.

Christmas & Holiday Lighting

Prep your homes and businesses with blinding lights for the festivities. Get light installed, maintained and removed without hassle.

Halloween Lighting

Get ready for the spooky season with pumpkin lights, garden canopies, hanging props, strobe lights, lamps and much more.

Event Lighting

Get professionally installed lighting that matches every occasion and event. Whether you want a romantic setting for an anniversary or professional setting for a seminar, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Lighting

Add to the visibility, functionality and aesthetics of your commercial space with affordable and durable night lighting.

Residential Lighting

Light up the exterior of your home, your poolside, private garden, curb, backyard, or any other dimly lit area surrounding your property with our LED lighting.

Garden Lighting

Create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere in the garden with high efficiency LED lighting. These produce no heat or UV lights, making them a safe installation around trees.

Pool Lighting

Adorn your poolside with warm and calming poolside lighting. This will make your evening swims so much more enjoyable.

Security Lighting

Add aesthetically pleasing security lighting to your home or workspace to keep it secured from trespassers, vandals and pranksters.

Downlighting and Moonlighting

Artificial moonlighting that adds a sense of natural lighting to your outdoors. Create a calming and romantic atmosphere with our strategically placed lights.

LED Lighting

Professionally installed lighting designs that are affordable, eco-friendly and long lasting. Get outdoor LED lightings added to your home or business.

Mosquito Control

Fight against infestations with pest control services and comprehensive mosquito misting systems for your residential and commercial properties.

Looking for Affordable, Elegant and Mesmerizing Lighting Designs for Your Home and Office in Illinois?

You’re at the right place. There;s nothing we can’t do for you! Connect with our specialist for a free consultation to discuss your needs and see how we turn it into a reality.