Professional Garden Lighting

Professional Garden Lighting Designs and Installation

Adding the final touch that your garden needs to become the talk of the neighborhood.

For Gardens That Radiate Beauty 24x7

Garden lighting is an essential part of every outdoor design. Having a garden with fountains and beautifully carved bushes isn’t enough. You need the right lighting at the right places to show off the beauty of your garden even during the night. Majestic Light Design has just the expertise you need here. We work around the design of your garden, figure out the focal points and light up your outdoors to leave you a radiant and majestic outdoor space. 

Garden lighting serves a practical as well as aesthetic purpose. While it enhances the beauty of all the crevices, trees and expensive landscaping in your residential or commercial space, it also helps illuminate your garden and make navigating the area at night easier. So, if you need garden lighting, get the experts of Majestic Light Design to the job for you.

Majestic Light Design - Creating Beautiful Outdoors Since 2010

We understand that you want the best for yourself. This is why, we not only bring you the most creative minds in the business but also ones that have the talent and experience to execute your vision in the best way possible.

Team of Experts

Our team consists of only the best lighting engineers. With more than 10 years of experience in lighting design and installation, our team knows how to handle every operation efficiently and leave behind a satisfied client.

Free Estimate

Working on a budget? Worry not. Set up a no obligation consultation with our experts. We will evaluate the property, discuss your plans and give you an estimate of the garden lighting for your space.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer you a lifetime warranty on our lighting systems and a 5 years warranty on our LED lights. All our warranties are easily transferable so if you decide to sell out your property, the new owners are fully covered.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our team will come once a year for maintenance and repairs needed for your garden lighting system. This is to ensure that there is no damage or possible risks in the installalled system and to maintain your lighting warranty.

Custom Designs

We work according to the needs of our customers. You have the liberty to choose the garden lighting design from our lookbook or request for a bespoke design that fits the design of your property and your vision.

Innovative Technology

Our lighting system is packed with modern features. You can enjoy the convenience of automated light systems, wireless remote controlled on/off systems, programmable colors and a lot of other new features.

Get Set Up a Consultation With the Garden Lighting Experts

No obligation. No worries. Before you make any final decisions, try us out with a free consultation.

Transform the Feel of Your Outdoors With Our Modern Garden Lighting Designs

Lights can do more than just light up your outdoors, they transform them into something beautiful and memorable. Whether you wish to illuminate your residential or commercial space, we will make it work for you. Whatever you need, we will give you the results that will leave you in awe.

Path Lights

Path lights illuminate the pathways in your garden to make navigation easier. Whether your aesthetic is a bright, well-light pathway or localized sections of light, we can work around all your needs.

Flood Lights

Flood lights enhance and highlight certain features of your garden such as trees, shrubs, fountains, statues, accent walls, etc. It’s the perfect way to make the statement pieces in your garden more noteworthy.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting is the best option if you have a pool, spa, pond or any other water feature that you wish to divert the attention to. Our lighting fixtures will help you illuminate water features from beneath the water surface for a magical vibe.

Light Posts

Light posts or lanterns are a unique lighting option for your home or office gardens. It creates a beautiful display for your outdoor space during the day as well as the night. Choose from multiple designs and match your aesthetics.

Reliable Service. Convenient Operation. Beautiful Results.

We are not just industry experts. We are a team that works with passion and with one motive – to satisfy our customers. 

With your vision and our expertise, we create lighting designs that will bring out the beauty of your garden in the best way. Our expertise does not end with the designing process. We promise a quick and hassle free installation. Our team uses minimal machinery so there’s little to no damage to your property and you get the results you need without compromising much of your time.

Our team of lighting professionals will work until you are fully satisfied with the results. We deliver what we promise.

What Our Clients Say

Couldn’t be happier with the results. First of all, kudos to the team for bearing with my constant bickering. But, they lived up to my expectations. Great job!
I had worked with them before which is why I knew that I needed them for my new house. They know exactly what to do to leave anyone spellbound. I’m in love with how my garden looks at night.
My family is so impressed by their lighting system. We had never thought that my garden could look like a magical land. They did just the right amount of enhancements. It’s neither too much nor too little which is exactly my taste. It’s definitely a job well done.