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Outdoor Christmas and Holiday Lighting

Get rid of the annual hassle of putting up lights that you bought from the store. Majestic Light Design has a better plan for you.

Light Up this Festive Season With Majestic Light Design

Get ready for the season’s grand makeover. Majestic Light Design is all set to add glamor and shine to your home, commercial building and any fixtures you want. Our team has just the right skills and equipment in the bag. All we need is a call or visit to exchange ideas so we can light up your abode exactly how you want it!

Don’t second guess. We know you have a design in mind. Let us turn the idea into a reality.

Christmas and Holiday Lighting

It’s that time of the year again! Whether it’s your home or your business, lighting and decor is a crucial part of the festive season. However, doing it yourself can be extremely daunting. But that’s exactly why we’re here for you!

Majestic Light Design specializes in Christmas and holiday light, both for residential and commercial buildings.

Residential Christmas and Holiday Lighting

Christmas calls for a house lit like a thousand fireflies - how else will Santa find you?

This holiday season, add sparkle to your roof lines, brighten up your walkways, accentuate your trees and bushes and more. What’s better, you don’t have to worry about climbing the ladder and fixing up these lights on your own. We’ve got you covered.

Our team at Majestic Light Design has helped hundreds of clients decorate their dream house for the season. From installation of high quality and bright LEDs across the house to their regular maintenance and final wrap up, our team does it all. Not only that, but our consultants are very particular about designing the lighting pattern to make it look exquisite. No random lights hanging over the trees, but an elegant and beautiful arrangement that will captivate you and anyone who passes by.

Commercial Christmas and Holiday Lighting

Let your customers know - you’re in the holiday spirit!

Nothing attracts customers better than a brand that takes the holiday season seriously. A well lit office doorway or an outdoor light display could be exactly what you need to turn a visitor into a customer. Believe us – it’s not our first time!

Our team will work in tandem with you and your team to create a design that best compliments your brand. Our job is to ensure that anybody who passes by the building gets fascinated with what you have to offer.

We also understand that as a business, you might face some time constraints. You want the decor done quickly. How quickly can we do it?

We can have your complete building lit up within a day!

Let the Festivities Begin!

It’s time to let the brightness fall on you. Give way to colorful lights and exquisite decor that announces to the world – its festival season!

Why Hire Us?

We understand that the holiday season can get extremely busy. This is why hiring a team of professionals can get the work done just in time!

Majestic Light Design has been a leading player in the market for more than 10 years. We have helped multiple clients turn their houses and commercial buildings into elegant masterpieces. From colorful lights to bright white LEDs, our team will use the lights of your choice to create the perfect design that fits your structure, taste and budget.

With our professional services, you will:

Save Time : Our professionals can get the work done within a day

Be Hassle Free : You no longer need to climb ladders and put lights on the roof

Save Money: No investments in expensive low quality store bought Christmas lights

Embrace the Festive Spirit With Majestic Light Design

We provide our customers with an integrated package that includes installation, maintenance, removal and storage of high quality LED lights and light strands. You won’t have to lift a finger.
Free Estimate
Not sure about hiring a professional? Or worried about the budget? Just get on call with our experts who will provide you with a free estimate, no obligations.
Off Season Storage
Once the season’s over, our team will visit your site, carefully remove all the lights and store them carefully at our facility for use next season.
Regular Maintenance
Our high grade lights rarely ever need maintenance. However, in case of any issues, our personnel will be on site fixing all issues, no charges.
Custom Lighting Design
Have a design in mind? Our experts will visit your site and discuss all possible designs with you so that your house looks exactly how you want it to, or even better!
Purchase or Rent
Customers can choose to either purchase lights which will be stored at our facility during off season or rent lights for use during a particular festive season.
Commercial Grade LEDs
Unlike store bought lights that can burn a hole in your pocket, most of our LED lights cost around 10 cents a year, per bulb. Economical, right?

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