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Have you ever looked at a large home or business and wondered why they looked so put together from the curb? What you’re probably noticing is amazing landscaping, but what you’re probably looking over is LANDSCAPE LIGHTING! [READ MORE]


Every great party or event needs AMAZING event lighting to really set the mood, and that’s where Majestic Lighting Design comes in! [READ MORE]


We all have that thought every holiday season… “It’s time to put up my lighting AGAIN.” When it comes to large homes and businesses, this task can be a daunting one, especially if homeowners or property managers intend to put lights up themselves [READ MORE]


Mosquitoes… we all hate them. The way they infest our yards, pester our guests and pets, and buzz in our year all summer long can really suck the fun out of the season.  Our fully installed landscape lighting systems are hard wired and installed along your fence lines, trees, around your pool and in your landscapes.

The mosquito control systems spray automatically 3 times a day and even come with a remote control like your TV.  Simple to maintain and safe for your kids, pets, landscaping and comes with a 2 year warranty.  Mosquito control systems can typically be installed across a property in 1 day and take effect immediately.  We utilize a chemical that is odorless and colorless.  It doesn’t stain or smell.  Mosquito control systems work by immediately killing the insects flying at the time of the immediate spray.  Then they seep into the soil and landscaping over time eventually killing off the mosquito population in all. Interrupting the “mini-ecosystem” disrupting the breeding altogether.

Enjoy your yard completely bug free with just one call to our designers! 


Are you desiring to have immaculate & beautiful landscapes designed and installed at your home or commercial property?  Our designers delight in making your dreams come true!  Contact us today we can fully conceptualize, design and install landscaping that will be both extravagant as well as unique and simple.

When designing landscape you are molding the earth, creating something new from something old.  It takes imagination, creativity, flexibility and planning.  We take our time to work with you on figuring out exactly what plants, vegetation and trees you desire, as well as focusing on what is natural to your landscape.  Whether you live in the city, next to a lake, river or beach.

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated landscape architects.

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Our passion for landscape lighting design is unparalleled, which is apparent by our remarkable designs and happy customers.


With years of skill-set and expertise, our insight into the world of landscape design is matchless.


You will never find a more innovative landscape lighting design company anywhere in Houston. Almost anything you can imagine, we are able to accomplish!


Our philosophy is to obtain the absolute best in landscape design, turning your dreams into reality.


Our wheels are always turning. We are continuously thinking of brand-new methods to create your dream landscape designs.


The exceptional quality of our designs is unrivalled anywhere in the USA. We employ the most modern technological advances and talent to obtain the most sensational landscape lighting around.