Mosquito control systems

Mosquito control systems can be purchased from many companies, but with Majestic Light Design, you are not only receiving top of the line systems but experience and responsibility to our customers and designs.

We have been designing and installing top of the line mosquito control misting systems in Spring and Houston for more than 10 years. Included with the purchase of our services are comprehensive misting system maintenance packages, warranties, and lasting products.

We partner with Coastal Mosquito Control of Houston, Texas for all mosquito installations.



Mosquitoes… we all hate them. The way they infest our yards, pester our guests and pets, and buzz in our year all summer long can really suck the fun out of the season. The great news is that Majestic Lighting Design in Houston offers mosquito control that will last all summer long!

We understand how mosquitoes colonize, and getting rid of mosquitoes with effective mosquito control means eliminating them at the source. It often takes a professional to identify problem spots and spray effectively, which is why most homeowners struggle month after month to get rid of mosquitoes on their property, even with some of the most highly-rated DIY methods.

It’s also important to treat mosquitoes in a way that kills them fast but also doesn’t jeopardize the health of your family and your pets. Majestic Lighting Design offers an environmentally-safe solution that does just that, and you’ll feel instant relief from the stinging pain of mosquitoes that are out of control in your yard! Houston and the surrounding areas are especially prone to mosquito infestations, and here at Majestic Lighting Design, we are well-versed in mosquito elimination.

Don’t mess around with DIY mosquito control methods. Trust us – they usually don’t work, and they are often toxic. We believe that a happy home means a healthy home, and we are able to complete your mosquito treatment quickly and safely. Our team has been working with homes and businesses for over 10 years, so we know a thing or two about getting rid of these pesky pests and helping you get back to enjoying your yard, porch, and pool.

Do you have questions about our mosquito control services? Give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer them! Our friendly team has the answers you’re looking for, and we’d love to help you get rid of the mosquitoes and back to a happy, healthy, mosquito-free season.