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At Majestic Lighting Design, we pride ourselves on the belief that mosquitoes Should be anywhere near your yard, and that’s why our mosquito control San Antonio team loves helping residents clean out mosquitos around their properties. San Antonio is well known for it’s beautiful landscape, incredible food, and exciting opportunities, but it is also, unfortunately, known for the bug issues that face most homeowners. Nothing ruins your day like a bad infestation of mosquitoes! That’s why Majestic Lighting Design, we take on even the worst cases with our mosquito control in San Antonio.


Did you know that mosquitoes spread some of the worst diseases in the world? Our team will help keep your family safe from these parasites. They spread infections like West Nile Virus, heartworm in dogs and cats, and a host of other permanent diseases that can not only harm you and your loved ones in the moment, but these diseases can follow you for many years to come. At Majestic Lighting Design, our goal is to destroy colonies at their breeding source with our effective services. When we come to spray at your home, you can expect the treatment to last for months and safeguard your home against these dangerous parasites.

Our job is also to help you identify and eliminate trouble spots in your yard. These places, like muddy or sandy places, consistently moist spots in your grass, or places where standing water is frequently found, are common spawning grounds. We can help you find those spots, fix the underlying problems, and then move forward with a plan to keep dangerous bugs away. Our mosquito control San Antonio team is there to fix the issue so you can enjoy your yard again.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic and amazing to go out and sit on your deck and look at the stars without worrying about coming inside after being eaten alive? This is a challenge for most San Antonio residents, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Our mosquito control San Antonio team can make outdoor relaxation a reality.

We specialize in eliminating your bug populations, whether they originate near the home or are coming from out in your yard. Our experienced team is focused on not only getting rid of the bug issues you already have but also plan for the future by eliminating trouble areas and discouraging spawning on your property.

When our mosquito control San Antonio team sprays your yard, you can expect real results.

We use a unique solution that destroys those pesky bugs quickly, but keeps you and your pets safe and healthy as well. Our goal is to make your home safer, healthier, and more enjoyable by making the outdoor portion of your home parasite-free!

Are mosquitos a part of your summer plan? If they aren’t let us help you make your summer dreams a reality! We spray our eco-friendly solution around your home and yard and in any major trouble spots, we identify during our walkthrough.

If our team does find bad areas where colonies are spawning, they will point those areas out to you so that you can prevent issues in the future. If all goes well, you’ll be enjoying a safer, happier, less scratchy season after even just one treatment!

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When our mosquito control San Antonio team sprays your yard, you can expect fast results.

Call us at Majestic Lighting Design today and request our mosquito control San Antonio team for your next mosquito treatment! It’s time to get rid of those pesky, unwelcome pests and make your home and yard a healthier, happier, and more enjoyable place to be, no matter what season it is!

You don’t have to suffer through the constant bug bites, and you don’t need to move your parties and dinners inside to avoid the bugs.

We’ve heard it before, but we can help you fix your parasite problems, and we can do it fast! Ask us about our deals and promotions when you call, and we’d be happier to give you our best rate and any running promotions for the season.

We look forward to helping you create a better season and a safer environment for yourself, your pets, and your loved ones! Call us today to learn more and get scheduled!

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City of San Antonio, is the seventh-most populous city in the United States, and the second-most populous city in both Texas and the Southern United States, with 1,547,253 residents in 2019.[9] Founded as a Spanish mission and colonial outpost in 1718, the city became the first chartered civil settlement in present-day Texas in 1731. The area was still part of the Spanish Empire, and later of the Mexican Republic.

It is the state’s oldest municipality, having celebrated its 300th anniversary on May 1, 2018.