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At Majestic Lighting Design, we really understand that mosquitoes shouldn’t’ be in your yard, and that’s why our mosquito control Austin team specialize in destroying dangerous colonies in Austin. Austin is known for its views, family activities, and its overall beauty, but it is also, known for the insect issues that plague many Texas homeowners. Nothing sucks the joy out of life like an extreme mosquito infestation! That’s why Majestic Lighting Design, we take care of the problem with our mosquito control in Austin.

Did you know that a single mosquito can spread a host of harmful diseases to thousands of people all on its own? Our experienced extermination team will help get rid of this problem for you. Mosquitos are capable of spreading a variety of diseases, like heartworm in your pets and West Nile in humans. These diseases can take a toll over a lifetime, so our job is to eliminate that threat quickly. When we spray our pet-safe, environment-safe spray near your home, you can be confident that your yard will be free of mosquitos for a full season, letting you enjoy the yard you’ve worked so hard to make beautiful and fun for your family.

Another major part of our job is identifying major problem spots in your yard. Mosquitoes often breed in the same spots year after year, and our amazing team of experts can give you a run-down of places in your yard that may be the source of your mosquito and pest problems. Spots that are consistently muddy, moist, or sandy or have frequent standing water are common places to find breeding spots for bugs, and our mosquito control Austin team is there to fix that problem so you can enjoy your yard and get back to your outdoor fun again.

Wouldn’t you love to sit back and relax on your back deck without worrying about whether or not you’ll get a hundred itchy bug bites in the process? This tradeoff is a reality for many Austin homeowners, but we’re here to change that! Our mosquito control Austin team can make your backyard a bug-free oasis. We specialize in eliminating harmful insects, whether they originate near the home or are spread throughout your property. Let our experienced team treat your property and not only eliminate existing problem areas, but deter new insect colonies from spawning in your yard.

When our mosquito control Austin team comes out to treat your yard, you can expect quick results. We use a safe, eco-friendly solution that destroys those harmful bugs but keeps you and your family safe and healthy at the same time. Our goal is to create a more comfy, healthful environment for you and your family to enjoy all year long. This is what makes our team excited to work every day!

How do you imagine spending your warm months? If that vision doesn’t include bugs like mosquitoes, let our team help make that dream come true! We spray our safe solution around the perimeter of the property, as well as around your entire yard, including major trouble spots. Our team finds breeding areas like mud or sand holes, water overflow areas, water features, and more to identify where these annoying pests are growing. Our team will point out how you can prevent more mosquito issues throughout the year by maintaining trouble spots better, and you’ll be enjoying a safer, healthier, less itchy season!

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When our mosquito control Austin team sprays your yard, you can expect fast results.

Call Majestic Lighting Design today and request our mosquito control Austin team for your next mosquito treatment! Let’s eliminate those pesky pests and make your yard and home a more relaxing, healthier place to live, grow, and enjoy all season long! No need to suffer from painful bug bites, and no need to ignore your fabulous yard because the bugs are just “too much this year.”

We’ve heard these stories before, but we can help you fix your bug problems! Ask us about our promotions and deals when you call, and we’d be happy to give you the best rate possible and any running promotions for the season. We look forward to helping you create a better season and a safer environment for yourself, your pets, and your loved ones!



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