Lighting Design for your Houston home – Understanding the science behind it

When most people think of landscape lighting, they think you can just stick a light in the ground and you have light. This is correct, but with true lighting design, there are many factors to consider. Beam spreads, fixture types, lumens, color temperature, and placement of fixtures. Here at Majestic Lighting Design, Houston we truly believe in the science and consider ourselves lighting designers.

Lighting Design – Using Science to Create Art

Lighting Design Houston

Not many lighting designers in Houston will or can tell you the details and analysis that goes behind a lighting installation. A truly lighting design project includes different types of fixtures; each has a purpose. We believe that every house, building, tree, greenery, and structure has its own personality. This will determine what fixture you would use, what beam spread, angle, and placement would be the best to achieve that nice soft, consistent glow.

It's like when you go to a museum, light is specifically focused on a statue, painting, or piece of artwork. The light is focused on one item, and you receive spill light from highlighting that one item. If these items are accomplished, you'll get those layers of light that are symmetrical and harmonious. What are those layers of light? You want to have that lower level, mid-level, and upper level of light to complement each other. I would consider the horizon point, an intersection of the principal line through the perspective center.

This principle is true with lighting, not just paintings, artwork, or nature, & eye level of the observer. True lighting design will take your mind and eyes on a journey. Light determines what we see and has an enormous effect on our mood and behavior. This makes light the most powerful element of architecture, and design.

Landscape lighting and Lighting Design – What should you go for

There's a major difference between landscape lighting, and lighting design. Landscape lighting is used to light up a specific area in your yard. Lighting design involves more creativity, as you are able to select fixtures and control the brightness levels to create different effects. Landscape lighting typically uses less expensive fixtures that are placed in strategic areas to provide light where it is needed most. If you are interested in adding some pizzazz to your Houston home's exterior, then consider using a lighting design for a truly unique look. Get in touch with us today and we can help you get started on creating an unforgettable and unique outdoor space.