Light determines what we see and has an enormous effect on our mood, and behavior. This makes light the most powerful element of architecture, and design.

Illuminate your homes, trees, and pool like never before.

Majestic Lighting Design has been designing and installing outdoor landscape lighting systems in Spring, Texas and the Houston Metro Area for almost a decade. Our solid brass high quality LED lighting systems to come with a lifetime warranty and LED bulbs that last for 60,000 HOURS. All new jobs have a minimum price of $4,000.
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We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.

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Lifetime Warranties

All Fixtures, Transformers, and Installation have Lifetime Warranties

LED Warranty

5 year warranty for LED bulbs

Residential Christmas And Holiday Lights

As well as providing the service of installation of your own Christmas lights, we also have a variety of selections you could rent or buy. As well as the option of all new LED lighting that features a better quality as well as a 90% more energy-efficient than original holiday lights.

Bespoke Lighting Design

Custom Lighting Design For Your Home or Business

Commercial Christmas And Holiday Lights

Bring in new business by becoming a holiday hot-spot! The options are endless when it comes to your holiday lighting, from the ordinary to the extraordinary; we have it all for you.

Landscape Lighting

Have you ever looked at a large home or business and wondered why they looked so put together from the curb? What you’re probably noticing is amazing landscaping, but what you’re probably looking over is LANDSCAPE LIGHTING!

Landscape lighting is a subtle, easy way to highlight landscape features that you love, even after the sun goes down. Things like tree lighting, pool lighting, uplighting, and other feature lighting around your property are simple improvements that make a world of difference for your home or business. This is why landscape lighting is so important – and we LOVE providing this service to our customers!

So how do you design great landscape lighting? It can be overwhelming to look at a home and try to fit the same design to your own project. That’s why we believe that every landscape lighting design project should be unique and designed with a professional team! We also believe that there is no value and going halfway with any project. That means skipping the low-quality bulbs and lighting fixtures and skipping right to high-quality LED lighting fixtures. At Majestic Design, we offer beautiful lighting fixtures that are backed by a 10-year warranty, so you never have to worry about one of your lighting fixtures going out or dimming with our landscape lighting installation service.

One of the key things about landscape lighting is that adds so much variety and versatility to a property. Not only does it beautify and enhance the look and feel of your yards and yard features, but it also has the ability to increase security throughout your property. Lighting every corner of your yard throughout the evening hours increases visibility and makes it harder for unwanted visitors to intrude unnoticed. With the added security and more beautiful home, you’re sure to enjoy, what’s not to love about landscape lighting?

So if you’ve been thinking about Landscape lighting services but you haven’t known where to start, call us today! Majestic Lighting Design has been in the business of landscape lighting for over 10 years, and we are committed to helping every customer enjoy more beautiful, safer homes with every service. WE work with homes and businesses in Houston, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas, and we are willing to travel to install your landscape lighting system. We offer fantastic prices on our landscape lighting installation services and our LED lighting fixtures. We also offer FREE nighttime demos so that you can point out any concerns you have before the project is complete. All-in-all, landscape lighting from Majestic Lighting Design is a true win-win!

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Our Great Features

We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.


Our passion for landscape lighting design is unparalleled, which is apparent by our remarkable designs and happy customers.


You will never find a more innovative landscape lighting design company anywhere. Almost anything you can imagine, we are able to accomplish!


The exceptional quality of our designs is unrivalled anywhere in the USA. We employ the most modern technological advances and talent to obtain the most sensational landscape lighting around.


With years of skill-set and expertise, our insight into the world of landscape design is matchless.


Our philosophy is to obtain the absolute best in landscape design, turning your dreams into reality.


Our wheels are always turning. We are continuously thinking of brand-new methods to create your dream landscape designs.
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We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.

Landscape Lighting

Have you ever looked at a large home or business and wondered why they looked so put together from the curb?

Mosquito Control

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Christmas & Holiday Lighting

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