The festival of lights OCT 24, 2022

Professional Diwali Lighting Installation for Homes and Offices

Brighten up your homes and commercial spaces this festive season. Charm your neighbors with vibrant lighting decor.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights With Majestic Light Design

Nothing lights up a house like diwali lights. Staying true to your culture and spirit of celebration, Majestic Light Design brings to you, the season’s special – Diwali lighting. Whether you want to add a traditional essence to your home, or a conventional touch to your workplace, we have just the right solution for you. 

Choose from an exclusive range of festive lights, hanging lamps and lighting designs that complement the brightness that this festival represents.

Embody the Diwali Spirit With Our Team of Experts

We’re high on the Diwali spirits. Our team specializes in lighting designs that transform homes and businesses as per the event. And with Diwali, we know exactly what you need. From pompous designs that embody the spirit of loud celebration or slighter designs with a modern edge, we’ve got you covered.

Wondering why you should team up with us?

Team of Experts
We’ve been in the industry for 10+ years. All our employees are particular about providing only the best experience for our customers. To understand the essence of Diwali and its decor, our staff has also been educated regarding the cultural and religious aspect of the festival. It is our job to embody the spirit of the holiday into the lighting design that adorns your property.
Free Consultation
Our specialist will visit your home or property that you want to decorate. This will help them decide the type of lighting design that will best suit your property and take necessary measurements. They’ll also provide you with an estimate of the total expenditure. You can call us anytime to schedule a free consultation and receive a free estimate after thorough examination.
Custom Designs
We have a variety of unique designs that are yet to be created anywhere. To these, we add custom variations depending on your needs as well as the structure of your home. Our consultant will visit your site to inspect your property, take measurements of architectural features, and more. They’ll also discuss the design with you, ask for your opinion and make relevant edits.

This festival of lights, let us help you turn your home into a dream.

This Diwali, Go All Out With the Best Lighting Experience

Since Diwali is around the corner, now might be the time to start with the preparations. But with visiting your loved ones and shopping for the day, setting up the lights might get too chaotic for you.

Let us step in for you.

With Majestic Light Design you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our specialist will consult you regarding your requirements and our technicians will make it happen. We’ll be responsible for the timely installation, maintenance and final takedown and storage of the lights once the festival spirit calms down.

What Our Clients Say

I’m so glad I decided to go with their service. Diwali is such a crucial part of our culture, especially since we’re out of India. It is a very special occasion for our family. With their help, we were able to really make our home stand out. It was a dinner spot for all our friends and family that live here in Texas. Such a warm decoration.
Loved the complete look. My home looks so pretty, the lighting is so great and it doesn’t look shabby like usual. The design is very symmetrical and gives the house a really great look. I’m glad i decided to choose your services. The best part is that all of it was done within a few hours and we didn’t face any problems with the lights. I’ll definitely choose you guys again next year.
Nitesh Kumar
My sister suggested Majestic light design to me. She called you guys for Christmas lights last year and was really impressed. Now that i’ve seen your work, i’m impressed too. We miss home on these type of holidays but you really created such a homely vibe, everybody loved it.

Brighten Up Your Home This Diwali Season

Let your home speak for you. Adorn it with bright colorful lighting designs that complement the festive season.

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