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At Majestic Lighting Design, we offer the best deal for Christmas and holiday lighting design and installation, hassle-free service that does everything from setting up to storing your lights for the next year. All new jobs have a minimum price of $4,000.
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Keep your home lighting with Majestic Lighting Design.

We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.

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Residential Christmas And Holiday Lights

As well as providing the service of installation of your own Christmas lights, we also have a variety of selections you could rent or buy. As well as the option of all new LED lighting that features a better quality as well as a 90% more energy-efficient than original holiday lights.

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Commercial Christmas And Holiday Lights

Bring in new business by becoming a holiday hot-spot! The options are endless when it comes to your holiday lighting, from the ordinary to the extraordinary; we have it all for you.

Christmas Lighting

We all have that thought every holiday season… “It’s time to put up my lighting AGAIN.” When it comes to large homes and businesses, this task can be a daunting one, especially if homeowners or property managers intend to put lights up themselves. The good news is that you don’t have to install holiday and Christmas lighting yourself – Majestic Lighting Design is here to help!

Christmas and holiday lighting are something we specialize in at Majestic Lighting Design. From multicolored bulbs to classic white LEDs, we do it all! We can help you install your holiday lighting on your home or business, on special features on your property like fountains or pillars, and on trees and plants.

So what are some of the benefits of hiring Majestic Lighting Design to handle your holiday and Christmas lighting in Houston this year? For one, imagine all the time you’ll save! Most DIY holiday lighting projects can take a weekend or more to do yourself, whereas most of our holiday lighting projects are done in a day or less! Time during the holidays is precious, and we want you to spend more time doing the things that make you happy. Let us handle the heavy lifting for your Christmas and holiday lighting!

Also, when you work with Majestic Lighting Design, you only get the best bulbs and fixtures. We work exclusively with LED bulbs, which means your Christmas and holiday lights last longer and are brighter than cheaper, less quality lights and light strands.

Additionally, you’ll find yourself saving lots of money on your electric bill. Most Christmas and holiday light strands take up enormous amounts of electricity, especially when left on overnight (like most people enjoy doing during this season). Not our lights! Our LED holiday lights and light strands burn bright without burning a hole in your wallet. Most of our lights only cost 10 cents A YEAR per bulb! That means you save lots of money on your Christmas lighting and enjoy more of the holiday traditions that you love. It’s as simple as that!

So call us today! We’d love to work with you and install your holiday lighting this year. Give us a call for a free estimate!
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We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.


Our passion for landscape lighting design is unparalleled, which is apparent by our remarkable designs and happy customers.


You will never find a more innovative landscape lighting design company anywhere. Almost anything you can imagine, we are able to accomplish!


The exceptional quality of our designs is unrivalled anywhere in the USA. We employ the most modern technological advances and talent to obtain the most sensational landscape lighting around.


With years of skill-set and expertise, our insight into the world of landscape design is matchless.


Our philosophy is to obtain the absolute best in landscape design, turning your dreams into reality.


Our wheels are always turning. We are continuously thinking of brand-new methods to create your dream landscape designs.
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We work for our customers, staying until you are completely satisfied with the completed outdoor installation.

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Christmas & Holiday Lighting

We all have that thought every holiday season… “It’s time to put up my lighting AGAIN.” When it comes to…
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